Episode 04

In an effort to get out another episode, (and possibly the future of this podcast to keep it going) there is no talking, no ads, just a straight up mix. A new tape label has emerged with a strong entrance onto the scene - welcome Holy Geometry. Check out all four debut tapes, including the featured one tonight by Amethyst. Aside from that, you'll hear some recent personal favorites including something from Phil Maguire's now sold out self released Defekt Fabrik.

0:00 — Amethyst / 대지 (Holy Geometry)
6:27 — Persona Mercure / Replacement (Archive Officielle)
14:10 — Miki Yui / Dual (Hollow) (Soft Error)
30:00 — Rose Buried In Sand / Dissolving Tape (Falt)
39:46— Phil Maguire / Defekt Fabrik